Roma 98DC

80W Tube Mono Power Amplifier

The Roma series enriches with a new product: the Roma 98DC, an 80W mono tube power amplifier.

A mono amplifier with superb sonic performance and high power that comes from a pair of KT88 tubes in ultralinear configuration.

Iconic and powerful, able to drive also the most difficult and "hungry" speakers giving always back a pure and clean configuration.

Fundamental part is the output transformer, entirely hand made inside the company. Its salient feature is a particularly wide frequency response and very low distortion even at high powers.

The power meter of the Roma 98DC amplifier is characterized by the needle wide oscillation that covers the entire amplifier power range.


Power stage (1 ch.)

2 X KT88

Input stage (1 ch.)

1 X 12AY7

Driver stage (1 ch.)

1 X 6CG7

Input impedance


Input sensitivity

600mV RMS for max power

Output tap

6 Ohm


Ultra linear 43% tap

Power output (1 ch., THD < 1%)

80W RMS @ 6Ohm

Frequency response

from 20Hz to 20KHz ± 0.5dB

Distortion (MAX Power)

1% @ 1KHz

S/N ratio

>90dB “A” weighted


1 Unbalanced Line RCA (Direct)
1 Unbalanced Line RCA “Filtered”
(3dB attenuation com­pared to the direct line. Further -3dB at 20Hz and 20KHz)
1 Balanced line XLR

Bias setting

Manual adjustment, independent for each power tube

Dimensions (w,d,h)




Line power

117, 230, 245 Vac, 50/60 Hz (see rear label)


See rear label

Power consumption

220W Max